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-way to dawn-

Riku Aster
14 March 1986
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Character Information

[ Character’s Name ] – Riku Aster
[ Character’s Element ] – Ice and Darkness
[ Teacher or Student? ] – Student
[ Character Profile ] – The only think I would like to change/add was that Riku comes from a large family, but doesn’t have any siblings. He has a lot of distant cousins and such that he’s never really met before, which is why he doesn’t often think of being a distant relative to the Jenova’s. Just something he never thought was important enough to think about.

[ Appearance ] – Riku is pretty tall and stands at 6’1 height wise. He’s fairly skinny for his age, but by no means lanky. He is pretty well toned for someone his age, but it comes from sparring with Sora and helping with things around the house for his mother. With long silver hair that reach to just about the center of his back, Riku refuses to cut his hair, thinking he looks cool with long hair (something he won’t admit out loud of course). He has pale green eyes and sun kissed skin (not completely pale, but not super tan either) . He often where’s black hoodies and baggy pants, his he gets cold quite easily since being away from the warm islands.

[ Personality ] – Riku is a usually calm and collected person, and rarely shows how he really feels. Not easy to trust, the teenager tries to stay away from anyone and everyone around him because he doesn’t want them to get hurt by his doing or otherwise. Riku cares a lot for the people who are close to him, and does anything for them. Secretly, he’s a bit of a worrier, but he tries very hard to not let that show in himself.

Riku is actually a very gentle person. He doesn’t anger quickly and he takes care of people when they are hurt. He never minds when people say things about him, and sometimes, honestly believes them to be true. Riku doesn’t have a lot of self confidence, and gets very confused when people are nice to him.

Riku tends to be rather serious because of his maturity, and often doesn’t smile unless he really likes you. He’s quiet and says only what he feels needs to be said, and of course, is opinionated when someone is talking about something he’s passionate about. He believes settling things with actions are so much easier than with words, but he’s not reckless. Riku’s just awkward at talking is all.

[ History ] – Riku is from a large family but has no siblings. Growing up in a large home on Destiny Islands (Gaia), Riku was often hanging around with adults rather then children, because his grandparents, 2 aunts and 2 uncles from his mother’s side lived at the home. It was hard though, as he got older, to get a moments peace for school, as his little cousins were running around and things. Riku has distant relatives on his father’s side, but has never met them. When Riku was 15, he inherited the family heirloom: the ‘Way to Dawn’ Keyblade.

Riku never particularly enjoyed hanging out with children though, because he had so many older relatives. Mature for his age, the boy often scared away the other kids at his schools, and that worried his mother. However, he never could get rid of Sora, who stuck around with him even though he was quite dismissive of the boy. Sora was the first person Riku really opened his heart too, and Riku’s true first friend. Riku protects the younger boy like a little brother he never had, and is so protective that Riku has a hard time letting Sora have other friends. He worries that his friend trusts too much and is going to end up hurt. Riku’s slightly jealous of Sora though, because of how easily he can make friends.

[ Pets ] – A pet Shadow heartless named Skittles. You would think that Skittles was aggressive with people and Keyblades, but for some reason, he’s a pretty tame heartless. He often acts like a puppy, very playful and kind, but gets angry when someone hurts Riku or Sora. He’s very protective of those two, even though they wield Keyblades. As for the name? Well, Riku’s mother is to blame for that one.

Riku and Sora found Skittles when he was all alone on the island. They were sparring one day and something was rummaging in the bush. They inspected it and found Skittles, who tried to attack them in fear, but wasn’t very terrifying. Soon, he calmed down, and they were able to take him back to Riku’s and found he was about a vicious as a 6 week old puppy.

[ Other ? ] – Riku carries the Way to Dawn Keyblade, and is able to form small shields by way of darkness. Also, Riku has reading glasses, and only wears them when he knows people aren’t around. Also, he ties his hair back in a braid when he studies or sleeps. Keeps his hair out of his face!


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